Resourcefully crafted, inspired by yoga

Stacy Edelstein and Kristin Wade are the founders of ShanTee. It is the fusion of their passion for all things yoga and design

Style & Quality

Our products are designed with both comfort and style in mind. The act of taking a previously loved garment and reimagining it’s form and function is not only great fun for us as designers, but is also good for the planet!

Each garment is made from high quality recycled materials and is constructed in such a way that is wears well and flatters the body.

100% Handmade

ShanTee products are resourcefully crafted using recycled materials. The idea of taking something "old" and giving it new life is deeply tied into our philosophy around the practice of yoga. We have been inspired by the sense of personal and physical renewal we experience in our yoga practice. Our creative process is an outflow of that sense of inspiration and renewal!